Last Saturday we finally taught the two food photography workshops we’ve been going on about for so many days!

The workshops had a first part where Martí would explain the theoretic basis of food photography and a second part where the participants could take their own photographs. While in the basic level workshop every participant could work on his own pictures individually, in the advanced level workshop we decided to “innovate” and proposed them a challenge: we split them in two groups and we asked each of them to prepare a dish and took photos of it following a series of styling requirements. The result were two magnificent images that were totally different but portrayed a common recipe: a tomato bruschetta. Truth is we had great fun teaching these workshops and we are fully satisfied with the results of them both!

We hope we’ll be able to offer you new workshops on which we are already working, but meanwhile we made this little video that we thing synthesizes quite good the experience on last Saturday workshops. If you want to be up-to-date about future workshops and events, please feel free to write an e-mail at and you’ll be the first ones to know about new calls.

Until them, we hope you enjoy this little sample.

(Watch it in HD if you can. It is way better!)