We had already advanced the news but today we have every detail for you now: on Saturday March 22nd, Martí is teaching a food and product photography workshop in Segovia (Castilla León, Spain)!

Tins one is going to be a very different workshop related to those we’ve been teaching lately for various reasons. The first difference is that this one is organized by the Asociación Fotográfica Segoviana, that every year carries on SegoviaFoto, a set of activities and workshops related to photography, at the Palacio de Quintanar in Segovia. In this edition of SegoviaFoto there are plenty of other activities and workshops that we truly recommend you take a look at. Another of the differences between this one and other workshops we’ve made so far is duration: we usually teach 4 hour long workshops. This time we are going to double it! Right, we are teaching an 8 hour long workshop that will include a theoretic basis plus a practical part where every participant will be able to take his or her own pictures of typical food and products from the area. Besides it, this time the main character of the workshop won’t be only food but also product photography, with plenty of new content related to this topic. Well, a bunch of news!

But we left the best part for the end… the workshop price includes the lunch! Yes, you red it right. So you know, if the 22nd of March you are in Segovia (or near there… or not so near…), you don’t have an excuse! Here you have the details and the link of the workshop at SegoviaFoto’s website:

Saturday March 22nd

Timetable: 10h – 20h

Price: 75€ (including lunch)

Place: Palacio de Quintanar, C/San Agustín s/n, Segovia

Sign in: at the website of SegoviaFoto

Maximum 20 participants

Workshop taught in Spanish language only.