This week we are launching a new service: tailor-made recipes with photos!

From now on, aside of taking pictures of dishes and products, we are also going to create recipes for blogs, magazines, communication agencies, food producers,… no matter who! We are developing brand new recipes with the products, types of cuisine or preparations that we’re asked for. We are going to try the recipes so they are absolutely perfect and we will write the content (in Catalan, Spanish or even English) with a set of photos that will explain the process as long a a final shot of the result. This will bethe perfect pairing between the two things we love the most in the world: cooking and taking pictures!

And here you can check an example of what we are explaining. Some of you asked for the recipe of the pumpkin gnocchi we photographed some days ago… here it is! If you decide to try it, please let us know how it was ?

As you can see, in our recipes we take care of every detail: ingredients, preparation and presentation advice, nutritional values,… and, of course, they will always come with beautiful images. Every recipe will include 3-4 photos of the process and a picture of the final result of the dish. We will take care of every styling and presentation detail.

We hope you are interested in this new service. See you soon!