Last Friday we decided to be brave and visit a garden center nearby to make out tiny aromatic herbs collection grow. Now we have two different kinds of parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme, basil and sage to use on our dishes and give them an herbal touch. As we had to transplant them to a bigger pot anyway, we decided to make a little shooting to add to our microstock agencies portfolio.

We took the pictures in an outdoors location at 11 pm approximately, and only using natural light. The sky was cloudy, which made the general light much soft and diffuse. As you see, this time we haven’t made a lighting scheme because with the sun light we had more than enough to light the scene.

To make them, we used our 85mm lens as well as our 100mm macro lens, because of the capacity of them both to shoot with very open diaphragms, that generate as a result a very shallow depth of field. The little titles with the names of the plants we handmade, with a little press we got in the studio.

To go with the modern atmosphere we wanted to transmit, we processed these images with a heavy contrast and a bit of vignetting to deepen the margins of the photos.

We hope you liked this aromatic pictures!

See you soon!