Today we want to explain how some days ago we made a quite experimental photo shoot (you may have seen some of the images on our social media profiles). Our intention was to portray a series of different types of pasta to illustrate the richness of shapes and textures of this kind of food. To make it a bit original and avoid the classic, typical white background photo, we chose to shoot them on a yellow background that had more or less the same color as the pasta, so we could reduce to the minimum the color contrast between the figure and the background.

To make the photo shoot we decided to use a very simple lightning scheme. It is just one flash on the side of the jar, a little bit higher than the table we’ve used as a base for our picture. The light this flash provides comes through a 60cm x 60cm softbox and a 1’5m difuser, as you can see on this scheme:

We shot this pictures with a 35mm lens and we worked with medium diaphragm openings (f8) to make sure that we had enough depth of field to have all the pasta pieces on the focused area.

Finally, and so we could actually represent the beauty of the different pasta shapes, we tried to create textures and patterns with the different geometric pieces. The result were this very pop images:

Here you can see the rest of the photos we took on this shoot, in one of our microstock agencies portfolio. We hope you’ve found it useful and you can seize the ideas we shared on your own photo work.

Bon appétit !