Today we’ll try to show you a making of how we took the following pictures of a delicious hazelnuts mousse from Pastisseria Sant Llehí.

We used our 100mm macro objective (the one we talked about in this post).The main advantage the 100mm macro offers us is the significant reduction of the depth of field shown in the picture, which means that the background area will be attractively out of focus.

Here you can see a scheme of the treatment of light we used, which is a very important issue en food photography. The main light of this photo s the one you can see at left of the scheme, and it comes from a flash through a diffuser, which enlightens the scene in general. This light helps us create this soft graduated shading that you can see over the mousse, and also defines the shape of the piece.

The background light, that you can see at the right of the scheme, comes from a flash through a 60x60cm window, and provides the mousse with the bright reflection you see at its right and adds a bit of definition to the right edge of the piece and to the berries we used as decoration as well.

Enjoy your meal!