Bruschetta is a typical mediterranean appetizer, fresh and light. Although there is a million different recipes for bruschetta, its essence comes down to a good bread cut in slices, olive oil, tomato and basil: it’s as simple as that. That’s why, when we decided to make this photo shooting that we are showing you today, we wanted to find a mise en scène that fitted the main traits of the dish.

As you can see in this lightning scheme, we decided to use one single spot of light: a 60x60cm softbox through a 1’5m diffuser. The light this system provides seems to be smooth, gives the impression that it’s a natural light coming from a window, with a very low amount of shadows.

Moreover, this side light helps us emphasize the texture of the bruschetta, which is highly important in overlook shots, where we may run the risk of getting a very flat image if the light doesn’t help us built a suitable contrast.

In terms of lenses, we chose two different lenses: for the overlook shots we used a 35mm angle view lens, and for the close-ups we chose a 100mm macro, which helps us, just like the lightning scheme we used, to emphasize the texture and the volumes of the bruschetta.

The final touch was given by styling and props. This kind of recipe goes along with the typical cutting table you can find at home since you were born, or that knife your grandpa used to cut the bread with. It all comes down to try different accessories and see which ones fit the scene!

That’s all! We hope you find the explanation useful and that you can put in practice this few advices we provide. We woud love to see the results! ?