In the beginning of August, we took some pictures for  Xarcuteries Margarit from Barcelona. Now they have thrown their new website, we want to show you the work we’ve done for them.

Xarcuteries Margarit is a family business that keeps the spirit of a traditional butcher’s shop and combines it with much more innovative products much more related with creative cuisine. It is this creative spirit that made them evolve through the years to the point of having 6 shops in Barcelona nowadays, all of them placed in Sarrià neighbourhood.

What we did here was portraying some of the star products of Margarit: the Carn Cake, the Cruixents (you can see them on the upper picture) and the ham, and take the most of them. On the other hand, we also portrayes two of the Margarit siblings to illustrate a couple of pages on the website.

Portraying the Carn Cake was a big challenge. It is a meat pie, a creation by Xarcuteries Margarit, that you cook in the oven and is filled by a sauce that goes with the meet. Once you open the Carn Cake you have to move fast, if you want to portray the leeking of the sauce at its best.

Also the ham was a big defiance. It is one of the big sellers of Margarit, and because of that we had to faithfully portray the texture and the color so it showed the best of it.

We invite you to go through their website and, if you have the occasion, to visit one of their stores.