We are starting the new year by keeping our promise: some weeks ago we promised an entry explaining our favorite styling elements and some of the basic props we recommend for anyone who wants to become a food photographer.

– Dishes: a good idea to start you little own collection of props is a couple of different white dishes. They will be helpful in many situations: modern or rustic; home-related or sophisticated.

– Cutlery: it is nice to have a couple of cutlery sets. We would advise you to get a clean, simple set and another one that can be used in a fancier scene: maybe something vintage.

– Glasses: a short variety of simple and transparent glasses will come in handy. You can also get one or two with original shapes that make them funny. It’s always good to have glasses in two or three different sizes to make them fit in any composition.

– Fabric: we highly recommend you get a neutral fabric (cream, white, beige,…) to cover the surface you will be putting the food on. You can also buy a more colorful fabric, or one with a cute pattern to decorate more elegant scenes. You don’t need to buy actual tablecloth pieces, as the hemlines won’t be on the picture. Buying fabric by meter will be much cheaper and you will have more colors and patterns to choose among.

– Napkins: a basic set should include 4 or 5 napkins of different colors, even one with a pattern you think you’ll be able to successfully combine with your prop collection. A couple of them should be quite neutral and some more should be nicely colored: green, blue, violet,… the colors you feel more comfortable with.

– Wood: any wood or table you find will be useful (on this post we spoke widely about the topic). That said, you have to be careful with varnished surfaces, as they generate reflections and they might be troublesome.

Here you can read the first part of this entry about styling elements and basic props. We will come back soon with some advanced advice on food styling.

See you soon!