Now that Christmas is coming we wanted to show you a photo shoot we made for  Le Doux Collage, a cupcake creation business that also offers sweet buffets for events and special occasions. In this case, as you can see, Le Doux Collage made a series of amazing and delicious Christmas cupcakes!

To shoot this cupcakes we used a quite soft lightning. We used a couple of flashes: one at the left side of the cupcakes, that passes through a 1’5m diffuser; and another one behind the background, the light of which helps us stress the silhouette of the cupcake. As a background, we used a black layer and, in some of the pictures, we also used Christmas lights to create the bokehs (the color circles that you see at the background of some images). To avoid the light from the left side flash to get to the background, we used a gobo behind the flash at the left, which is a layer that avoids the parasite light to get to areas where it isn’t supposed to affect. In some pictures, such as the ones of the darkest cupcakes, we added a reflector at the right side of the cupcake to fill the shadows. Here you can see the lighting scheme that we used:

Regarding the styling, as the cupcakes explained for themselves the Christmasy spirit we didn’t want to insist on the decoration: in the upper case, we added a couple of Christmas ornaments that make the table look fancy. In the following images we used plastic foam sculptures in the shape of Christmas trees and snowflakes to create a winter atmosphere. We also used the plastic foam to create tiny snowflakes around the Santa Claus cupcake.

We hope you’ve liked them!