We miss summer. It’s a fact. That’s why some days ago, in the middle of January, we decided to create a summer microclimate to portray a series of delicious cocktails. Today we want to explain you how we created these photos with every detail.

As you can see in the photographs, we made them in an outdoor location. The sunlight, although at some points of the day the sky was cloudy, gave us the general lightning for the scene. It is a very flat light that we had to enhance by combining it with a new source of light, which is troublesome because it is almost impossible to make the sunlight temperature even with the other sources of light. In a fez words: sunlight is like a crazy flashlight: it reacts in unexpected ways and varies its intensity out of the blue.

Here you can see the lightning scheme we used:

The flash you see behind the table, at the right side of the scheme, was the one that gave the cocktails their brightness and that created the harsh light and the shadows you can perceive on the pictures. With the flash we intended to simulate direct sunlight so we could emphasize the summer sensation we were going on about.

Finally, we added the flash you see in front of the table at the right side of the scheme, that was used to enlighten the front part of the cocktails and make colors more lively. Eventually we also used a reflector at the left side of the cocktails to fulfill some shadows we didn’t like.

As for the lenses, we took these pictures entirely with a 85mm Canon lens, making the most of the shallow depth of field it offers.

We hope you’ve found this explanation useful.


PS: Do the ice-cubes of this gintonic ring you a bell? ?