We know making gifts for Christmas is a nuisance, so this year we wanted to make life easier to those of you who have a food photography fan at home. Here you have a list of ideas to make a gift to a food photographer, from the most amateur to the most professional one:

Ceramic dishes or bowls: We always try to make our prop collection grow: we never seem to have enough! We like very much, for example, the dishes and bowls that Ivet Bazaco makes. She’s a Catalan ceramist that has worked for some of the best restaurants in the country creating their dishware. It is worth a look!

Serving tongs: Essential tool for anyone who wants to begin in the world of food photography. A pair of good serving tongs (such as these) give us the possibility of resolving the dishes we cook with accuracy and care.

“A Work in Progress” by René Redzepi (Phaidon, 2013): Redzepi is the chef of Noma, one of the best restaurants of the world, and has created a book (in fact, three books in one), where he explains us what he does and how he does it from the beginning to the end. A book that explores the mind and the creative process of one of the best chefs in the world.

 ColorChecker Passport: In a more technical dimension, we find this very useful utensil. A ColorChecker is a basic tool if we want to represent color in a faithful way. This one in particular is especially portable, suitable for any occasion.

 “Gestión del color en procesos de digitalización” by José M. Pereira (Marcombo, 2013): This gift is only suitable for the brave. It is a very theoretic book regarding color and its representation from a heritage preservation standpoint that can also teach us in a very thorough way how to deal with color in food photography. It can be a good accompaniment to the previous gift.

We hope you’ve found these ideas to make a gift useful!